Law tech webinar date… Legal Big Data: strategic search, discovery & analysis of legal documents – 27 June

The European Legal Tech Association (ELTA), in conjunction with search and discovery company Nalytics, is hosting a free webinar on Legal Big Data on 27th June 2018 at 6pm BST.
With the shift towards digital transformation and big data analytics in business, the legal market is also increasingly becoming a data-driven industry. In this context, coming up with a legal big data strategy to better manage corporate legal departments or specific legal projects may be particularly helpful.
The webinar will address questions such as: What could be legal big data? What value lies in structuring and extracting legal data in a strategic manner? What capabilities does a legal team (in a law firm or within a corporate environment) need to optimize access to legal data? And how is this relevant for the long-term?
We will consider: (1) the process of defining a legal big data strategy, (2) legaltech solutions (in particular a specific legal AI methodology) to search and analyze legal data more efficiently and (3) the benefits to both companies and law firms of implementing such a solution. Register your free place today!