Legal IT Newswire latest deals… Morris & Kamlay selects ANAQUA to manage IP database

Anaqua, Inc., a leading provider of innovation and intellectual property (IP) management solutions, today announced that IP law firm Morris & Kamlay LLP has entered into a multi-year agreement to use the ANAQUA software platform to provide enhanced patent management services for its growing client base.
Headquartered in Arlington, VA, Morris & Kamlay is an IP specialty law firm that manages a database of over 3,500 active patents on behalf of its clients. The firm selected the ANAQUA platform to help meet the increasing demands of its clients for high quality, cost-effective IP management and to improve internal efficiencies. Morris & Kamlay is using the software to support a wide range of activity, including docketing, managing clients’ patent payments, and tracking the workflows of its own employees.
“The ANAQUA platform enables us to meet all of the docketing system requirements, while also allowing us the flexibility to create automated, built-in workflows tailored to our own business,” said Aaron Kamlay, co-founder and managing partner of Morris & Kamlay. “ANAQUA has already been a huge time saver for our firm. We’ve managed to cut down on the support hours that are required for attorneys by 20-30%. We no longer need three people doing one task.”
A key benefit that ANAQUA brings to Morris & Kamlay is the ability to streamline and formalize their internal processes, and ensure greater transparency and accountability by tracking which duties are assigned to each employee at the firm at any given time.
“We are confident that the ANAQUA platform will deliver significant enhancements to Morris & Kamlay’s IP management practice,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua. “Our software has a proven track record of helping IP law firms increase profitability, improve transparency for their clients, and win more RFP competitions.”