Legal IT Events News… Cyber Risks in Corporate Transactions – Think Tank – 10 July, St Helens

When firms merge the process of due diligence involves assessing the risks relating to finance, operations, personnel and legal structure, but does not always extend to cyber security or systems integration. When professional services firms advise on their clients’ acquisition activities, is there an opportunity to include cyber security in the process? Does evidence of attention to cyber resilience increase an organisation’s value in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) market, and to what extent should advising firms be able to offer consulting services?
The importance of governance, risk and compliance should be included in the initial stages of due diligence and continue throughout organisational integration. Stringent regulations on data protection such as the GDPR coupled with the detrimental effect a public data breach could have must also be taken into consideration.
About the Think Tank: This group provides a platform for all professional service firms to share ideas and collaborate on matters relating to cyber security and compliance. Members benefit from exclusive access to our series of roundtable events designed to give members the opportunity to catch up with your peers, engage in a lively discussion and exchange ideas around the latest cyber security trends.
Who Should Attend: The think tank is free to attend and open to all professionals within the legal and accountancy sectors.
Date: Tuesday 10th July, 9am – 11.30am
Venue: Mecure Haydock Park, Penny Lane, St Helens WA11 9SG
Registration: please email and we will confirm your booking.