Have a say: Invitation to submit evidence on the use of algorithms in the UK justice system

Algorithms in the justice system. Do you have strong views on the pros and cons? How is technology currently being used in our justice system? What does success look like for those in law enforcement who are trying to do their best? These and many questions will be explored as part of The Law Society of England and Wales Public Policy Commission into the use of technology in the justice system, which will bring together the insights and voices of the legal profession, the judiciary, the tech community, the enforcement agencies, academics, and citizens.
The initiative was launched by director of legal and regulatory policy, Sophia Adams Bhatti, who joined in July 2016 from the Competition and Markets Authority. Presiding over the Commission are Christina Blacklaws, Sofia Olhede, Sylvie Delacroix, and guest commissioner Andrea Coomber.
The Society is inviting written evidence submissions and applications to provide oral evidence at its public sessions. Importantly it is looking for diversity of input and views, regardless of your discipline, so if you have insights and views and wish to share them as part of this high profile initiative contact commission@lawsociety.org.uk
The first evidence session, focusing on current practices and future trends is taking place on 25th July 2018. The session is open to all to attend and observe but places are limited, so email asap to secure your place.
Anyone wanting more information about the Commission, or who is interested in submitting evidence or appearing in person, can contact the Law Society team via the email above or booking online at www.lawsociety.org.uk/tlc-event