Legal IT Newswire… Alphaserve Technologies expands application monitoring platform availability

Alphaserve Technologies, a global leader of digital technologies including AI, machine learning, application development and security as well as infrastructure technologies including cloud and lights-on outsourcing, announces the expansion of its unique managed IT services monitoring platform for use by law firms. The proprietary tool is a standard inclusion of Alphaserve’s managed IT service and, because of its popularity, is now being made available as a stand-alone option to help firms monitor and measure the service-level agreements in place with their SaaS providers.
Current regulations, including the GDPR, as well as law firm commitments to outside counsel guidelines have prompted many firms to revisit their SLAs with any number of service providers. Firms have installed an array of applications from enterprise document management, email or financial systems to practice-based platforms, as both off-the-shelf and bespoke systems designed for their specific needs. IT leaders often struggle to monitor all these systems and, importantly, measure their performance and manage the SLAs associated with each. Alphaserve’s monitoring platform provides a solution to this challenge.
In addition to tracking the SLAs of various SaaS providers and offering a holistic view of the on-premises/cloud providers comprising the firm’s IT infrastructure, the Alphaserve monitoring platform provides a tool to measure the performance of each as well. The platform helps to measure the end-user experience and satisfaction of the systems in place, so that IT leaders are better able to audit and hold providers accountable for meeting their SLAs.
While the monitoring platform has long been included in Alphaserve’s standard managed IT service, it is now being offered as a stand-alone installation. The option is suitable for firms that possess the expertise and resources required to internally manage their outside counsel guidelines, various applications and cloud service providers.
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