ILTACON News… DocSolid Awarded Patent for Postmark Print

DocSolid, the leader in enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions for the legal market, announces the recent patent award for Postmark Print, marking the company’s 13th patent. Postmark Print is a module of Postmark, DocSolid’s next generation Paper2Digital platform to improve the efficiency, security and information governance for law firms through enterprise technology that powers ‘less-paper’ strategies. DocSolid will demonstrate the full suite of Postmark solutions during ILTACON this August 19th-23rd in National Harbor, MD, booth #827.

Law firms require efficient, secure and governed management of their matters—and paper records are an inhibitor to each of these. In law firms, paper records compete with the document management software (DMS). Co-developed with Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, Postmark Print is a revolutionary leap to close the digital and physical records gap and eliminate half of a firm’s onsite paper storage footprint without scanning.

Postmark Print identifies paper documents that have been printed from an electronic file in the DMS by printing a small bar code in a corner of the document. The bar code enables confident, policy-driven document shredding once the paper document has been used. The Postmark Print bar code also enables hand-notated prints from the DMS to be scanned and auto-filed back to the DMS and the related client-matter folder from which it came. Other Paper2Digital workflows are enabled by Postmark Print and Postmark Mobile, a mobile phone app that connects paper to its digital companion.

“As co-inventors of the Postmark Print solution, our firm expects to benefit by connecting matter-related paper to the corresponding documents in the DMS,” said Ian Miller, CIO, Weil, Gotshal & Manges. “We plan to use this capability to merge hand annotated paper documents into our DMS based authoring workflow, while reducing the burden of managing paper records.”

“Postmark Print removes half the paper from a law firm, without scanning, and without imposing new behaviors,” says Steve Irons, CEO of DocSolid. “Almost 60% of the paper filed in a law firm is printed from the DMS, and now that paper is uniformly identified, so it can get a proper retirement party at the shredder. This innovation sounds simple, as do most innovations, and our patent on this technology shows how DocSolid’s Paper2Digital solutions are inventive, as well as practical.”

DocSolid’s Postmark Paper2Digital platform seamlessly integrates paper scan-capture, printing process and quality controls within the firm’s DMS, including iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText eDOCS , Worldox and Microsoft Office, so that all matters can be 100% digital, yet still allow attorneys to work with paper as desired. The Postmark platform includes:

• Postmark Print embeds a small bar code in a corner of printouts, denoting that a corresponding electronic copy is filed in the DMS. After the paper document is used, it can be shredded confidently. Postmark Print also auto-files scanned attorney’s notes back to the DMS.

• Postmark Scan (formerly called KwikTag Legal) is an integrated scanning platform which embeds imaging capture within existing document management software, and uses any office scanning device without added hardware or software. Manage inbound paper from the first point of entry, through a scanning and profiling process with built-in quality control checks to enable confident shredding.

• Postmark Quality Control (QC) software enables confident shredding of DMS-captured documents with best-practice workflows. Track and audit paper each paper document for shredding or retention with consistency and confidence.

• Postmark Mobile uses mobile phones to connect paper to digital workflows. Attorneys and staff working with paper documents can read the Postmark bar code on the paper with their mobile phone, then retrieve the corresponding electronic document, or check and update the status of any in-hand paper document.