ILTACON News… Tikit dedicated to usability first with Carpe Diem and eMarketing

Tikit, part of the BT Group and leading provider of technology solutions for law and professional services firms, today announced its ‘usability first’ initiative which highlights how its flagship Carpe Diem time recording platform and the popular Tikit eMarketing suite have all added UI/UX-specific enhancements. Driven by Tikit product management and the leadership team, usability and continued acceleration and advancement of the law firm user experience are the most critical characteristic of Tikit solutions.
User adoption of legal technology has always been a challenge for CIOs and firm training staff. The rapid adoption of consumer-based technologies has found its way into the legal application arena with law firm users expecting to use legal business applications that work the way their mobile apps do. Add in security and compliance concerns, and software developers are facing a new UI/UX challenge.
While compliance and security are a critical ‘must have’ of any software solution, Tikit’s ‘usability first’ initiative is a model of balancing advances in consumer-technology based UI/UX while addressing information governance and compliance.
“Firms are not only expecting busy professionals to account for their time properly or marketing groups to deliver effective marketing campaigns, they also need them to comply with client engagement terms such as Outside Council Guidelines (OCG) as well as GDPR and email spam specific legislation,” said Peter Zver, President, Tikit North America.
Tikit Carpe Diem “Usability First” enhancements include:
• Timekeeping Intelligence: Additional intelligence mechanisms have been added to Carpe Diem including the ability to interpret free form text input and convert it into structured and fully validated time entries. Users just need to tell Carpe Diem what they did via text not requiring a computer to capture time. This method of capture is ideally suited for capture in time-constrained environments.
• Version 7 usability extension: Carpe Diem is focused on expanding HTML-only usability including performance improvements and improved keyboard functionality to better address the “assistant” persona.
• WCAG compliance: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance ensures that the Carpe Diem application is accessible by everyone, irrespective of disabilities and age within law firms and their user bases globally.
• Investment in native mobile: Tikit recognizes that investments made in native mobile applications represent the present and future of legal technology product development. Tikit’s entry into the sought after Apple Developer Program underscores its commitment to UI/UX.
• Compliance: Carpe Diem has improved compliance with the introduction of “awareness” and “third party validation (TPV)” features. “Awareness” provides guidance on compliance rules to timekeepers at the moment of input via info pop-ups. “Third Party validation” is a mechanism that can attach any validation rule to the Carpe Diem “save” or “submit” process. Carpe Diem third party validation also facilitates the seamless integration with Thompson Reuter’s eBillingHub providing eBillingHub validation at the moment of time entry.
• Forecasting and Resource management: Embedding Forecasting data capture as part of the time entry UX/UI helps firms build a valuable data source to help manage workloads and resource availability all delivered via Carpe’s forecasting dashboard.
Tikit eMarketing “Usability First “enhancements include:
• UI refresh: Over the past few years, eMarketing has undergone a UI/UX transformation. By combining the power of a user friendly eMarketing interface with streamlined business processes, firms are in a position to drive their business forward focused on relationship measurement.
• Relationship metrics: eMarketing has added extra value by providing a single unified super-metric across all its communication touch points.
• Compliance and governance: Tikit eMarketing has always been on the forefront of delivering compliant applications including the latest GDPR and CASL-specific functionality.
“Much like when we developed Carpe Diem for the cloud or enhanced our timekeeping offering to include resource management, we’ve listened to our global customers and seen increased technology adoption,” stated Mark Garnish, Tikit’s CTO. “Not only is the time right to offer users more deployment options it is most definitely in our collective market’s best interest to raise the bar when it comes to usability and overall UI/UX.”
Tikit will be demonstrating Carpe Diem and eMarketing new usability features and enhanced UI/UX as well as robust information governance and compliance functionality during the annual ILTACON educational conference. For additional information, please visit