EDZ Systems launches data consolidation platform Intelligent RMS

As the summer hols start to feel like they’ve gone on forever, this week we will be highlighting a number of releases that jump out and this is one:

EDZ Systems has announced the launch of Intelligent RMS, a software solution designed to make law firms and corporate legal departments more informed, adaptable and strategic by bringing together all of their data on one intelligent platform. One former AmLaw CFO says: “In 20 years I haven’t seen such a valuable solution.”

Law firms don’t lack data. They have a significant volume of business intelligence from multiple software sources – matter management, timekeeping, finance, human resources, marketing and more – as well as offline documents. However, as this information still sits in disconnected systems and spreadsheets, law firm leaders don’t get a complete view of the business.

That’s where Intelligent RMS can help, said Elizabeth DeZeeuw, the president and CEO of EDZ Systems.

“Unlike any other product on the market today, Intelligent RMS helps legal teams see the big picture so they can make better decisions faster. This can lead to smarter business development, resource utilization and client management, as well as revenue growth and cost elimination,” she said. “It provides law firms the actionable optics to deliver better service for their clients and stronger profit for their partners.”

How it Works

Data visibility has been a critically lacking component of law firm management, DeZeeuw said. According to a study by FRONTEO, just 40 percent of law firms have dashboarding capabilities, compared to nearly three-fourths of corporations.

Indeed, data is often spread across law firms in separate systems that don’t integrate. Intelligent RMS brings together data from existing siloed applications into a single real-time display.

It’s common for law firms to use one provider for timekeeping and billing, and another for financial analysis, and still another for client contact information, DeZeeuw said. Intelligent RMS works across vendors, platforms and technologies; it can incorporate data onto a law firm dashboard regardless of source.

Corporate legal departments also can utilize Intelligent RMS to streamline their data and resources, DeZeeuw said.

Doug Doerfler, a former AmLaw 200 chief financial officer and Intelligent RMS user, said the software delivers ROI for law firms by improving efficiency, eliminating manual processes and focusing resources on the activities that matter most.

“In more than 20 years, I have not seen such a valuable solution,” Doerfler said. “This platform fills an important gap for firms, providing leaders real-time visibility across their business – and access to information in seconds. This increases efficiency in key areas: resource, matter, project, practice and lateral management.”

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Intelligent RMS is available for a per-user monthly fee plus an implementation charge based on firm size. There are no hardware or server requirements.

Following integration – which is estimated to take days, not months– users have access to centralized data and can create custom displays or dashboards.

More information is available at www.edzsystems.com.

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