Legal tech win: The John Lewis Partnership selects Lexis Draft

In a big win for LexisNexis, the John Lewis Partnership legal team has selected Lexis Draft as its preferred solution for legal drafting and proofreading.
As part of ongoing efforts to adapt operational processes and governance to changing commercial objectives and expectations, the John Lewis Partnership legal team set out to assess how to increase its agility, rigour and productivity in engagements with internal stakeholders and external legal partners. A key objective was to use new technology to improve the legal document creation and reviewing process without increasing administrative overheads or operational risk. The Lexis Draft solution has been selected as an enterprise ready personal productivity solution without the risks usually associated with “big tech” deployments.
Maria Passemard (pictured), head of legal operations at the John Lewis Partnership said: “LexisNexis spent time with us working through the extensive proof of concept to test Lexis Draft on our own documents as well as those of our panel firms. The results were very impressive and influenced our decision to roll-out Lexis Draft for our in-house team.”
Lexis Draft will enable the team to significantly streamline the citation and reference checking tasks and reduce the time required to create and proofread legal documents whether they are internal or from external panel partners. The team also anticipates that this will help focus more time on delivering high-value work and improve service to the partnership.
Lexis Draft is a part of the LexisNexis integrated legal software ecosystem. It works in Microsoft Word and allows users to create and proofread new and existing documents in less time without increasing the risk of creating or propagating errors. It is integrated with LexisNexis’ market leading research and guidance tools, LexisLibrary and LexisPSL. Clients can be confident that documents are fully up to date with the latest legislative changes, citations, references and process guidance.
In April former Smiths Group general counsel Michael Herlihy joined The John Lewis Partnership as its new partnership secretary, replacing Keith Hubber, who left in January after three years at the firm. Herlihy has taken on Hubber’s GC and company secretariat responsibilities.