Legal IT Newswire: Alacrity announces Advisory Board members

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Alacrity announces Advisory Board members

[LONDON, 4, September 2018] Alacrity Law Limited is delighted to announce the formation of its Advisory Board. Alacrity is a legal relationship management platform which enhances the relationships between law firms and clients. The platform provides actionable relationship insights driven by data and analytics to help improve legal service delivery, satisfaction and ultimately drive value creation.


The team of independent expert advisors includes:


Clare Wardle, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Coca Cola European Partners and Rob Dinning, Former General Counsel, Operations & Technology at Barclays Bank. Other serving members include: Christopher McFadzean, Partner at Gunnercooke, formerly of Dorsey & Whitney, Latham & Watkins and Linklaters, Vincent Gautheron, Director of Legal and Compliance at Conduent (formerly Head of Legal and Trade Ops Sourcing at RBS and Nationwide), and Sean Harley CIO of Ascential (FTSE 250).


The newly announced Advisory Board brings together a multi-disciplinary group of respected industry experts who will provide counsel and support to drive forward Alacrity’s ambitious growth plans focusing on strategic development and providing valuable industry insight and connections.


Christopher Thurn, Chairman of Alacrity said “The Advisory Board is a key step in our strategy to establish Alacrity as a “go to” provider of solutions for the legal community and companies everywhere. The expertise of the Advisory Board is truly impressive in terms of breadth, experience and unique skill set, all of which will further our goals and drive our success.”


Nilema Bhakta-Jones, CEO of Alacrity commented “I am delighted and hugely privileged to have such an experienced Advisory Board. I have known and admired many of the members for many years, and I am excited to have the opportunity to work with them in this new endeavour!”


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About Alacrity


Alacrity has developed a new way to manage legal services with our intuitive relationship management platform. Our approach addresses key pain points identified by clients and law firms which frequently lead to unnecessary friction.


Alacrity’s easy to use, cloud-based platform enables clients and firms to manage all their matters seamlessly through a centralised platform that:

Delivers clearly scoped instructions to enable transparent pricing
Harnesses data to simplify the selection of the right firm for a legal matter
Highlights firms specific and relevant matter expertise and experience
Empowers firms and clients to agree a fair price
Helps firms manage their clients’ expectations and track budgeting throughout delivery
Captures value added services, feedback and key transaction metrics on every matter
Generates relationship reporting with actionable insights for both clients and firms
Produces analytics for both parties to understand their relationship holistically


About the Advisory Board


Clare Wardle’s appointment as an independent advisor is representative of the Alacrity’s commitment to delivering relevant products and services to companies and corporates globally. Clare’s wealth of experience is respected industry wide.


Rob Dinning brings his global legal advisory expertise across procurement, technology, cyber security and innovation from Barclays, together with his experience of running panel relationships and passion for innovation.


Vincent Gautheron represents the growing influence of Procurement and Legal Ops teams in the running of legal panels and pricing for Banks and companies. He brings his expertise as Head of Legal and Trade Ops Sourcing at RBS to the Board.


Christopher McFadzean offers clear direction on law firm priorities including client service delivery. His global exposure and experience of working in premier firms brings valuable insight on the inner workings, a network of senior heavyweight contacts and emphasis to Alacrity’s offering to Law Firms.


Sean Harley’s mentorship and leadership in technology, security and infrastructure is vital to Alacrity’s platform build and future goals. Part of the UK’s Top 100 CIOs for the last 3 years, listed at #16 of Top 100 CIOs 2018 in the UK, he offers regular guidance to the business on all tech-based matters.


Further quotes:


Clare Wardle (Independent Adviser) commented: “I am happy to support Alacrity as it continues to grow and expand. I see the platform as essential for every legal department who cares about harnessing value in its relationships with external counsel. The platform delivers benefits to firms and companies, so it is a ‘win-win’”.


Rob Dinning (Independent Adviser) commented: “The approach to relationship management and the purchasing of legal services needs to reflect the growing sophistication in client demand and value assessment. Alacrity is bringing best practice to the market. It’s the right time and I am excited to be a part of shaping it.”


Vincent Gautheron (Independent Adviser) commented: “I have attended many Procurement led conferences and engaged in numerous discussions with Legal Ops teams regarding the pain points experienced by companies in the legal industry. What Alacrity have captured on their platform is an intuitive and thoughtful way to alleviate these issues. They have also addressed the core ingredients necessary to create successful long-term relationships which is vital for businesses and law firms alike.


Chris McFadzean (Independent Adviser) commented: “The industry is experiencing a ‘sea change’ which is long overdue. I am encouraged by Alacrity’s thinking and direction, they have thoroughly researched how to make this work for firms and clients. The industry will welcome a product that brings about positive behavioural change especially where the net result is time saving and efficiency.”


Sean Harley (Independent Adviser) commented: “Alacrity has assembled an impressive tech team and innovative technology stack. I have seen the rigour applied to the product build, watched carefully how the team continues to apply best practice whilst challenging every assumption made. This is business is not dazzled by tech, they have stayed grounded and continue to listen to their customer base. Just the right mix of tech, UX and CX.”


Alacrity was founded:

The idea behind Alacrity stems from the time we spent working together as lawyer and client in previous roles. Comparing our experience with others led us to wonder why high quality service delivery was so difficult. We started asking our colleagues and friends about their experience and it quickly became clear that there were several common problems faced by both sides. Alacrity’s platform was developed to bring transparency to these interactions and ensure that clients were getting the best service and high quality lawyers were getting more work. At its core we believe that better relationships lead to better service and our platform helps make that a reality by using data and process to drive better outcomes. Our team is diverse by design, we think that only by taking in to account the problems faced by in-house teams, private practitioners and those with no legal training can we deliver the best technological solution.


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