Proactive Email Security for Law Firms Webinar

Law firms and legal professionals share sensitive data via email every day; from personally identifiable information, case notes to bank details. Over the last two years, the field has been a subject of malicious targeted campaigns, in particular ‘invoice hijacking’. The impact of this can cause significant financial loss, severed business relationships, fines and reputational damage for the firms and clients involved.
Together Sapphire and Egress provide a range of solutions to enable law firms to share data securely, significantly reducing the risk of a data breach. Join our webinar on Thursday 20th September at 10am to learn why law firms such as Ward Hadaway and the Law Society of Scotland use Egress.
Protects email exchange – end to end
Protects firm reputation
Provides competitive advantage in a crowded legal market
Drives cost savings and efficiency gains
Easy for lawyers, partners and clients to use
Prevents the accidental send
Provides a secure collaborate workspace to increase efficiency
Helps firms share large case files securely
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