Legal IT Newswire… ZentLaw introduce ZentLaw Labs “to bring tech acumen to law”

ZentLaw, an alternative law firm founded by Monica Zent, has introduced ZentLaw Labs, an innovation lab which aims to bring tech acumen and startup thinking to law. Among the lab’s first projects being announced today are two artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bots.
One bot is built for enterprise clients to help them solve their legal resourcing needs by taking them through a series of questions to assess their specific requirements. The other bot is aimed at startups and is calibrated to serve their routine requests. The latter aims to disrupt the way legal services are delivered to startups by providing practical and actionable guidance through the bot to common issues that startups raise.
“Our goal is to set the template for the new legal services hub,” said Monica Zent, Founder of ZentLaw. “ZentLaw Labs was formed with a mission to drive the development and adoption of innovative legal technologies in the marketplace. Ultimately, such technologies will not only benefit our clients whom they serve but the legal industry as a whole.”
ZentLaw Labs came out of Zent’s insight that in today’s legal industry landscape, law departments and companies are challenged to find ways to do more with less. ZentLaw brings its longstanding reputation for efficiency and innovation to the offering, providing legaltech solutions for clients and prospective clients. Foxwordy, the patented, AI-powered collaboration platform for the legal industry, was originally incubated at ZentLaw. ZentLaw Labs aims to produce more technology innovations that help clients obtain maximum ROI and focus on their businesses.
Founded in 2002 in Silicon Valley, attorney, business pioneer and tech innovator Monica Zent re-engineered the law firm as we know it to create ZentLaw, delivering one of the earliest alternative law firms to the marketplace. Since that time, ZentLaw has built a long-standing track record representing the world’s most well-known brands and leading startups. ZentLaw’s combination of innovative solutions with flexible pricing models means flexible access to quality legal resources for clients, and a better way to practice law for attorneys and legal professionals. Contact Monica Zent @zentlaw or