TRENDING Exclusive: Lights-On, Hyperscale and Kingsmead team up to launch the Intuity Alliance

Three leading legal technology consultancies led by industry veterans Peter Owen, Derek Southall and Chris Bull have teamed up to launch an advisory support and consulting service to meet clients’ increasing needs for holistic advice on integrated technology, operations and innovation.
The Intuity Alliance draws together the brainpower of Lights-On Consulting; Hyperscale Group and Kingsmead Square respectively, who between them have years of combined experience in advising businesses and in-house functions, as well as having held C-Suite roles in three of the UK’s largest law firms.
The Intuity Alliance will offer the combined expertise of more than 20 senior consultants who will advise on a number of areas including strategy & planning, information technology, reviews & audits, procurement, innovation, digital, knowledge management, legal operations, and in-house systems. Advice will be delivered through specific projects and programmes, training and education as well as embedded, longer-term retained advisory appointments.
The three businesses, which have regularly informally pitched for work together, will remain separate but the new alliance is designed to ensure that clients receive a cohesive offering.
Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Southall said: “We’re responding to the demands of the market, where advice can no longer be one dimensional. Clients want people with real experience and who are joined up.
“We’ve all got businesses each with its own focus and we’re happy with that. We’re not merging and we’re all carrying on with our individual businesses but we’re trying to formalise a bit more what’s happening: people want a great, capable and joined up team.”
The precise commercial arrangements have yet to be formalised and, particularly to begin with, will be decided on a case by case basis.
Southall said: “We’ve listened to people and think the direction the market is going in is that you can’t make one decision without thinking about new services that go alongside it. More has happened in the last three years than in the 20 before and things have become complex quite quickly. It’s not just about the right finance system and the right advice needs to be all encompassing.”
In a release out later today (21 September) Owen adds: “We share the vision that it is no longer effective in the modern professional organisation to address these areas in isolation and that an integrated, joined-up approach is necessary for solutions to be identified and to drive change.”
Bull says: “We are all actively engaged in the big changes taking place in the rapidly changing legal and professional market and united by our aspiration to support leaders across this market and beyond in finding effective solutions to real business problems.”