Legal IT Newswire… HighQ and Feynbrook in partnership to provide technology solutions to APAC clients

HighQ is pleased to announce their partnership with Feynbrook, a legal solutions delivery company based in Sydney, Australia. Feynbrook will empower clients in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with HighQ’s suite of cloud-based legal products. The HighQ platform combines cutting-edge technology with enterprise-grade security in a consumer-style interface that helps law firms and legal teams better collaborate, communicate and securely share information. Feynbrook will provide local solution delivery and professional services to add value and support innovation within the growing APAC client base.
The partnership with Feynbrook is the first of this kind for HighQ in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market.
“Feynbrook looks forward to working with IT and legal teams to implement HighQ products in our region,” said Tony Brooks, CEO of Feynbrook. “This partnership allows us to offer more than initial configuration and training. We will be a part of creating a collaborative culture that lives beyond deployment. We have the opportunity to help legal teams identify problems and design a simple solution that centres on the end client. The HighQ platform is an impressive suite of tools – we are particularly excited about the new workflow and AI capabilities coming later this year.”
Feynbrook will act as a localised extension of HighQ, and the two companies will work together to develop potential new applications of HighQ’s products to address the requirements and needs of their APAC clients.
“Feynbrook is a crucial partner for us as we continue to build tailored technology solutions to meet the needs of clients in the region,” said Mark Pierce, global head of partners for HighQ. “Feynbrook brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and industry insight to the table and we are excited to work with them to better support our growing APAC client base.”
About Feynbrook
Feynbrook helps law firms explore and implement established and emerging technologies by providing thought leadership, technical skills, software products and change management services. We are partners to NetDocuments, IBM and HighQ. For more information, visit
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