Updated: Law Society of England & Wales officially endorses Clio in cloud first

The Law Society of England and Wales’ official endorsement of Eclipse Legal Systems at the start of 2015 caused significant upset among its competitors* but we suspect this time it will be Eclipse’s nose that’s put out of joint as today (9 October) Canada-headquartered cloud case and practice management provider Clio receives a significant boost by becoming the first completely cloud-based legal case management solution to earn the endorsement of the Law Society.
Members of the Law Society will receive free training and onboarding and a statement on the Law Society website says: “In an ever-demanding market, Clio makes it possible to manage your practice from anywhere and from any device. Getting started is easy, since Clio integrates with the tools you already rely on, including Microsoft Office 365, Google’s G Suite, and Dropbox.”
A release out today setting out why Clio has been endorsed says: “Before Clio, case management solutions available in the UK were outdated, server-based, and costly to purchase and manage—typically requiring extensive hardware and IT support. This put case management solutions out of reach for the average small- and medium-sized law firms. Since Clio came to the UK, the organisation has been continuously iterating and developing solutions designed specifically for UK law firms to stay competitive in an ever-changing and demanding market.
“With Clio’s cloud-based legal case management software, solicitors can manage their firms from intake to invoice in one centralised, compliant platform. They can eliminate tedious tasks and gain better insights into their work, firm, and clients—from anywhere, at any time.”
“The Law Society is pleased to be endorsing Clio and their completely cloud-based case management software,” said Simon Drane, the Law Society’s Executive Director of Business Development. “We identified Clio as a supplier which suits our members’ needs, especially as business efficiency is central to performance.”
With this new partnership, Clio says it looks forward to supporting even more UK practitioners in taking their practice to the cloud, and is offering members of the Law Society of England and Wales complimentary data migrations.
*Watch this space for updates – from early feedback this definitely won’t be the last article about this latest endorsement and it is equally as unpopular.