Legal IT Newswire… DocSolid launch survey to benchmark paper dependency in law firms

DocSolid, the leader in enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions for the legal market, has announced the launch of the inaugural DocSolid Box Barometer Survey – the first-ever industrywide survey of paper records practices in law firms. DocSolid’s Box Barometer Survey intends to benchmark paper dependency by capturing a simple metric quantifying the total box count sent to offsite storage in relation to the total number of attorneys.

Paper records are costly, inefficient, increase firms’ exposure to risk and inhibit attorney adoption of the document management system (DMS). Despite this, and decades of DMS technology, law firms still depend on paper records because most attorneys still work with paper records.

The DocSolid Box Barometer Survey will, for the first time, quantify this problem by creating a simple industrywide metric – boxes of documents in storage per attorney– allowing the legal industry to accurately understand the usage of paper documents, and the resulting impacts on profitability, efficiency and security. The results of the Box Barometer Survey will help law firms to quantify the problems perpetuated by their paper records. Participating firms will receive be the Survey results first in the 2019 Box Barometer Report.

Open to participation through October 31, 2018, The Box Barometer is a simple, 7-question online survey developed to allow law firms to report their document storage usage data in under ten minutes. Over time, it will provide law firms with data-driven analysis of the prevalence of paper documents, longitudinal trends and how usage varies across geographies, practice areas, types of firms and different types of documents. Click here to learn more and participate in the DocSolid Box Barometer Survey.

DocSolid’s Postmark software platform is the solution of choice for half of the top 10 largest US law firms as well as the law departments at some of the nation’s largest insurance providers, enabling legal professionals to:

• Eliminate the burden of paper records
• Increase productivity and reduce risk
• Reduce hard costs for onsite and offsite records storage
• Improve information governance, records compliance and audits
• Optimize adoption of electronic document management systems (DMS)

The patented Postmark solutions integrate paper capture, printing process and quality controls. The software works as a seamless integration with all major document management systems, including iManage, NetDocuments, and OpenText eDOCS. Adding Postmark to the existing DMS is how law firms establish a fully digital, official matter file. The Postmark software platform delivers on the promise of digital transformation by allowing attorneys to work with paper whenever they want to while promoting full DMS adoption for optimal security and true mobility.

CEO of DocSolid, Steve Irons, said: “Our initiative to quantify the legal industry’s dependence on paper records is significant for all law firms. It establishes an important collaboration across legal practices to achieve a best practice solution. We are pleased to benchmark this data and communicate it to our peers and colleagues. We look forward to publishing the results of the Survey and we are hopeful the results may empower positive change in the legal industry.”

About DocSolid®
DocSolid creates, sells and supports Paper2Digital® scanning, printing, workflow, paper reduction and consulting solutions for the legal market. These patented solutions are enterprise-level implementations that streamline paper-burdened business activities and integrate with line-of-business software. DocSolid integrates with leading legal industry solutions, including iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText eDOCS, Worldox, Thomson Elite, Aderant, LegalKey and Chrome River. DocSolid represents the industry’s most experienced team of capture experts and serves thousands of worldwide users. Advancing simple, productive ways for clients to do more with less paper™, DocSolid powers The Paper2Digital Law Department. More information about DocSolid, including solution demos, is available at

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