Ediscovery Newswire… Hanzo launch AI-Powered system to automate socialmedia investigations

Hans has launched Hanzo Investigator  for eDiscovery which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the identification of social media profiles during ediscovery investigations.
Hanzo Investigator  for eDiscovery takes what is typically a slow and manual pursuit, and automates it—standardizing the investigation process so that it’s efficient, consistent, and defensible. Hanzo’s solution improves social media investigations in the following ways:
Automation removes human error and searches far and wide on the web to discover more sources, outperforming manual approaches to investigation.
Quickly identifies an individual’s social media and shows a timeline of the person’s posting activity across sites, so informed decisions can be made on the scope of collections.
Highlights relevant content within posts, comments, photos and videos, enabling legal professionals to start building evidence to support a case.
Legally defensible collections of social media can be easily loaded into popular platforms such as Relativity providing the ability to browse preserved sites in native format, enhances the review process.
Ongoing monitoring of individuals’ activity and recapturing sites over time allows for change detection.
From rapid identification of the profiles for the persons of interest, Hanzo’s native format captures of dynamic web content like social media, are forensically sound and deliver the highest quality evidence available. Legal professionals can review complete information in context as if they were looking at the live site — ensuring legal defensibility and the complete story. Ongoing monitoring and automated data capture along with accompanying reports improve consistency and quality in the decision-making process.
“We’ve heard from customers that social media is an invaluable resource for uncovering evidence,” said Kevin Gibson, CEO, Hanzo. “Our goal is to take the challenge out of identifying the right social media profiles and speed up the investigations process so litigators can defensibly capture the critical social media data that can make or break a case.”
Learn more about Hanzo’s solutions for social media investigations at https://www.hanzo.co/social-media-investigations