Legal IT Newswire… Latest tech innovation at Strathclyde University Law School

University of Strathclyde Law School has established a reputation of more than 50 years for quality teaching and research. The Law School is consistently ranked as one of the UK’s leading Law Schools and demonstrates the highest standards in both the quality of its teaching and research.

Glasgow, London and Amsterdam based technology company Nalytics, is working with Strathclyde University’s Law School post-graduate students on a new project dedicated to promoting digital transformation in legal education. By providing free access to the Nalytics search and discovery platform to students on the Diploma in Professional Legal Studies, the project aims to help students develop a greater understanding of legal technology and more importantly, its applications in tackling a range of big data problems.

David Rivett, Nalytics COO explains-

“The Nalytics and University of Strathclyde Law School Project aims to provide post-graduate students with ‘hands-on experience’ of a real legal tech tool – Nalytics. This experience will better prepare them for careers which will inevitably call for a greater understanding of big data and the technologies used to effectively manage it.”

The notion that the technological revolution is here to replace lawyers is often overhyped, and undermines its value. We believe technology should enhance human ability not replace it and this project will help to reinforce this.”

Frances Murray, Deputy Director of the Diploma in Professional Legal Studies at Strathclyde Law School says-

“Using Nalytics will enable our students to develop an understanding of legal innovation and why and how the emergence of new technologies will benefit them.

Not only will Nalytics improve their ability to comprehend and extract knowledge from big data, it will also offer students an opportunity to make use of an advanced legal productivity tool for a wide variety of legal use cases they may have to work on when they graduate.

One of our Strathclyde Law School Alumni is an Innovation Manager at one of the biggest law firms in Scotland – knowing he himself uses Nalytics is even more reason for our students to see the benefits of using a legal tech tool like this.

We are very much looking forward to working with Nalytics and I know the students are excited to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and innovative legal tech tool that they themselves may be using one day in the workplace.”

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