Legal IT Newswire New Service… Extech Cloud launch new IT service to modernise legal SMEs

Alongside its core operations, Extech Cloud is launching a new dedicated IT service specifically designed to modernise law firm’s technology. After extensive research and by working with Legal 500 firms, Extech Cloud is applying their specialist knowledge to tailor IT services to meet the needs of SME law firms. Extech Cloud’s mission is to modernise and improve the use of technology that the legal sector is using today.
Extech Cloud Legal IT Services
The need for change is accelerating, and law firms must adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape.
The Large traditional law firms possess resources which legal SMEs do not have, such as brand advantages and innovation budgets to explore new technologies, including artificial intelligence. For legal SMEs to keep up, it’s paramount that they adapt and maximise the value from the current and future technology available for legal SMEs. Extech Cloud’s research indicates that many regional and local law firms are struggling to utilise technologies that have been readily available for years.
First, old technologies are costly, regarding capital as well as opportunity cost, due to the efficiencies modern IT systems can bring. Cloud technology offers flexible pricing structures and the agility to quickly scale up or down, so firms only pay for what they use at that moment in time. The flexibility offers obvious benefits over rigid multi-year asset investments. The cloud also frees up real estate in the removal of server space and dreaded filing cabinets.
The second problem is time. Old technology limits the speed of accessing information and where you can access this data, meaning clients must wait for fee earners to arrive at the office before they can provide adequate support to their clients. Unsophisticated technology can often translate into a slower and therefore poorer client experience.
The third problem is security. Law firms are a target for cyber-criminals, with 30% of law firms being on the receiving end of an attempted attack on a weekly or monthly basis, while 12% claim they are attacked daily (LexisNexis, 2017). Hackers develop new targeting methods on almost a daily basis, which means law firms must have dynamic and agile systems to protect themselves. Old technology only prevents against old ways, leaving many firms as sitting ducks.
These technological issues point towards two of the main objectives most law firms have: enhancing the client experience and adhering to SRA legislation. Technology and innovation are essential elements to both. The ultimate aim for any law firm is long-term profitability, which is in part achieved by increasing efficiencies and the return-on-investment on firm activities.
Extech Cloud, as a partner to the legal sector, are leaders in digital transformation projects, are a Gold Microsoft partner and ISO27001, ISO9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified business. The overriding objective is to help law firms achieve their goals, through long-term partnerships and continuous innovation.
The new service by Extech Cloud will address these points and empower law firms to deliver their growth strategies. The next step to developing a solid foundation for your firm’s growth is to start the conversation with Extech Cloud to see how technology can aid in delivering your firm’s business objectives.
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