Women in IT paid 30% less than men according to new research

Research conducted by one of the UK’s largest accountants suggests that men in the IT industry earn up to 30% more than women in the same roles.
According to the analysis by SJD Accountancy, females with job titles such as SQL Developer or IT Architect earn almost a third less than their male counterparts. The survey saw more than a 1,000 contractors questioned, and data gathered on their salaries. 
Derek Kelly, CEO of the Optionis Group, which owns SJD Accountancy said: “The gender pay gap has been a topic of increasing conversation, putting the difference in salary into real terms has been shocking. This information now highlights the genuine impact that this can have not only on employees but their families and long-term prospects.”
Following legislation last year, organisations with 250 employees or more must report on their gender pay gap by 30 March 2018 and every year going forward. However those figures address the hourly pay gap across an entire business and do not address the gap in similar job roles.
While 1,000 is a respectable sample for this kind of survey, it is low when compared with surveys from crowdsourced salary comparison website Emolument, which has analysed pay data from 11,500 UK IT professionals and breaks down the pay gap by company size. That research shows that women in IT get paid from 19% less to 28% less, with the gap increasing as the size of the company decreases.
To find out more details about your industry and the gender pay gaps SJD has launched an interactive tool based on government data, visit www.sjdaccountancy.com/gender-pay-gap-tool for more information: we’re confused by the way it is bench marked – by reference to the cost of the average wedding? See screenshot below. Anyone?