Legal tech win: CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats signs with Intapp lifecycle platform

Leading French law firm CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats (CMS FL) is set to implement the Intapp Professional Services Platform, which spans the entire client life cycle, covering all areas from new business development, unified business acceptance and time management.
Phillippe Grousset, general director at CMS FL, said: “At a time of huge opportunity for CMS FL, we knew we needed to position ourselves above the competition.  Our vision and strategy has always been about putting our clients first by providing innovated and high value-added legal solutions. By investing in the Intapp Professional Services Platform, we have the ability to deliver greater successes for our clients while also making it easier for our lawyers to conduct business day-to-day. We will be able to use the data insights from the platform to inform us strategically on upcoming projects and help us excel as a firm.”
Things to note:
– The Intapp Professional Services Platform was formally announced as a capitalised entity in August with an emphasis on providing interconnected, best-of-breed components that support a full range of firm initiatives, all from a single supplier. It comes as we see a visible desire among pressurised IT teams for more integrated, intelligent solutions. In August, Dan Surowiec, chief information officer at Baker McKenzie said: “The legal industry is changing by the day, and law firms are all facing more challenging client demands and more sophisticated competition. Clients want more value from the services that firms like ours provide, and they are demanding a modern digital experience to deliver it. We needed a technology solution to automate our processes, increase operational effectiveness and intelligently leverage and share data. Intapp’s platform has delivered on all counts.”
– Intapp is now directly challenging the ERP market, and in August Jose Lazares, vice president of product strategy and product management at Intapp said of professional services firms: “They could leverage a horizontal ERP system and spend a small fortune paying a systems integrator to build a custom solution that would fall short of meeting their unique needs. Another option was to try and cobble together a set of industry-specific point solutions to create a modern experience for clients. While many firms still operate with these approaches, others are seeking to combine Intapp’s purpose-built solutions with our Professional Service Platform’s AI and advanced analytics to deliver the experience that clients are now demanding.”