Legal IT Newswire Product News… Evisort launch Document Analyzer: advanced AI data mining, search and reporting tech

New AI Product Expands Reach beyond Contract Analysis, Now Including Dashboarding, AI OCR, and 50+ Search/Reporting Fields Out-of-the-Box

Evisort continues to drive innovation in the artificial intelligence (AI) driven contract management space, now launching Document Analyzer, advanced data mining technology which includes several new features and improvements. Evisort’s corporate and law firm clients will benefit from Document Analyzer’s enhancements, substantially increasing their efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Document Analyzer highlights include:

New User Interface
Document Analyzer’s new flexible, easy-to-use Contract Analyzer user interface allows users to easily search contract databases across 50+ search and reporting fields straight out-of-the box, no coding required. Attorneys can input data into fields independently and generate custom cross-sectional reports, without help from IT.

AI-Based OCR Accurately Translates Scanned Documents
Enhanced AI-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) accurately translates and understands meaning in scanned documents. Document Analyzer fixes mistakes commonly made by OCR tools, particularly with complex objects such as tables and exhibits, and has built-in spell and grammar checkers to ensure correct OCR results.

Legal Dashboarding
Evisort customers have been requesting dashboard options and process facilitation, so Evisort answers with Legal Dashboarding to build workflows and dashboards. For example, the Expiring Contracts Dashboard draws expiration dates out of documents and sends users automated notices of expiring contracts, delivery deadlines and other milestones.

Document Review Summary Pages
Evisort’s new Document Summary Page generator creates coversheets showing each document’s key provisions, significantly expediting document review. The Pages track 50 different fields including party names, document type, contract value, and more.

Signature Detection
Evisort can recognize handwritten pen-and-ink or electronic signatures like Docusign and Echosign, determining whether a document is signed, partially or fully executed, or still in draft form.

Storage Solution Integrations
Evisort now integrates and synchronizes out-of-the-box with widely-used document storage providers including shared network drives, Microsoft SharePoint, DocuSign, Google Mail (Gmail), DropBox, Box and more.

“Evisort’s technology completely changes how organizations think about data in their contracts and documents. Folders of documents on share network drives will be turned into actionable data in an easy-to-use, modern user interface,” says Ross Fubini, Co-founder and Partner of Village Global, a network-driven venture capital firm backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Diane Greene, Sara Blakely, Mike Bloomberg, and Mark Zuckerberg.

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