Updated: “Blockchain for Lawyers” eBook – worth a read

*See update below
A new eBook pitched as ‘blockchain for lawyers’ but in fact relevant to anyone in the sector with an interest in the topic has been published by blockchain startup Legaler and it’s worth a read. The eBook sets out how blockchain started, how it works and why it will impact not just the advice that lawyers give but the way firms are run operationally: “[Blockchain] embeds the
missing element of trust into online services. This will allow anybody with a mobile phone to engage legal advice online with confidence. It will provide the infrastructure for contracts to run online,” the eBook points out.
The uses cases diagram below is particularly useful. To sign up for the free eBook click here: https://www.legaler.com/ebook/
We have a big blockchain hire to announce later today (11 January) and a short feature coming out in the next Orange Rag, out on 23 January, which includes an interview with Global Legal Blockchain Consortium founder David Fisher, who is founder and CEO of ‘blockchain for the law’ Integra Ledger- one of the only blockchain companies in the world focussed on the business of law. Fisher tells us: “I predict that the legal industry will see the most ubiquitous use of blockchain in its day-to-day business of any industry becuse we’re not focussesd on moving value around but on confirming the integrity of data and we’re already well down that path with Contract Express.”

* This eBook has now had over 1.7m views – see Mark Cohen’s article in Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markcohen1/2019/01/14/what-does-it-say-when-a-legal-blockchain-ebook-has-1-7m-views/#5d6d68eb723d