Legal IT Newswire New Product News… Alphaserve Technologies launch Execution as a Service

Alphaserve Technologies announces the introduction of its newest offering for the legal market: innovation execution as a service. The company uses a proprietary process and framework that provide a structured, practical approach to innovation to help law firms and corporate legal departments move beyond simply having an innovation strategy to achieving successful implementation of new solutions.
Having launched its legal innovation consulting group just over a year ago, Alphaserve’s team has advised firms and departments of all sizes, helping improve their approach to legal service delivery by formulating strategies and creating innovation road maps. In doing so, the group has discovered many of its clients require more than just help identifying opportunities and solutions; they also need resources to execute those plans to achieve their objectives. With the launch of its innovation execution service, Alphaserve is that resource.
“As our clients become more sophisticated and the legal market increasingly competitive, lawyers must find new and creative ways to deliver their services not just more efficiently, but also using more modern processes and technology to continually exceed expectations,” says Arup Das, CEO of Alphaserve Technologies. “Firms and in-house legal departments may hire chief innovation officers to lead those efforts, while some are creating matrix-oriented functional departments to handle all aspects of strategy, development and implementation of new tools and solutions. But the talent required to fill those critical roles, particularly individuals with legal industry experience, remains scarce.”
The Alphaserve innovation execution team includes experienced legal professionals, data scientists, data analysts and engineers, legal process architects and talented software engineers with a UI/UX skill set, all with legal industry backgrounds, who work together to offer many points of view throughout the process. The team uses a proprietary framework comprising a multistep approach that includes defining business cases, data mining and analysis, multiple proofs of concept and measuring KPIs to help law firms and corporate legal departments develop and implement bespoke solutions along with off-the-shelf platforms, in addition to delivering ongoing support and maintenance of those tools for valuable continuity and consistency.
Alphaserve’s innovation execution as a service is designed not only for firms wishing to outsource all aspects of their innovation initiatives, but also for those seeking a hybrid approach. Firms and legal departments can choose to partner with Alphaserve for specialized resources, keeping innovation leadership or select functions in-house if they deem it appropriate. The company works closely with the internal team, promoting collaboration and communication to provide a seamless process to execution.
Alphaserve remains committed to helping the legal industry advance innovation by moving beyond simply generating ideas and building road maps to executing programs that deliver user-acceptable tools and agile solutions. Company CEO and ILTA 2018 Thought Leader of the Year award recipient Arup Das is hosting learning sessions about Alphaserve’s new innovation execution as a service during Legalweek New York, January 28-30. Those interested may call Claire Conklin at 646-677-2895 to schedule an appointment to learn more about this or any of Alphaserve’s digital IT offerings.