Legal IT Newswire: Workshare announces availability of latest version – Workshare Professional 10. The fastest, most accurate desktop comparison and metadata removal solution ever.

London, (January 17th, 2019): Workshare, the leading provider of content comparison and protection technology, today announces the availability of this major new release. The highlight of this announcement is the new ability to compare Microsoft Excel workbooks with Workshare Compare’s innovative new product, Workshare Professional 10.

This significant new release feeds into Workshare’s wider core value to compare everything users want to compare, wherever they are. Workshare Professional 10 empowers professionals to easily understand and absorb what has changed between two Excel workbooks, adding to the best in class Word, PDF and PowerPoint comparison solutions that have been available in earlier releases.

Enhanced product integrations are now available with most DMS platforms used in the market, which gives power and flexibility for users working on important and sensitive content. Professionals can create, manage and collaborate on all work projects from anywhere, on any device, with a single user experience.

Smart Software for More Productive Professionals

Workshare Professional 10 has been specifically designed to make comparisons as easy as possible for users to review and engage with changes. With this latest release, customers can expect to benefit from new features and significant improvements such as:

• The ability to compare Excel workbooks. This new functionality completes Workshare’s drive to meet all comparison requirements for all document formats (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
• The ability to selectively compare specific snippets of text. Users can save time and stay focused by seeing what has changed in a single clause or worksheet, without comparing an entire file.
• New functionality allowing users to easily compare email attachments directly within Outlook. This reliable, robust feature allows users to work with PowerPoint and Excel files in addition to Word and PDF files. Available from Outlook’s Reading Pane and email pop-outs, users can choose to use full comparison or selective comparison options to redline a whole file or text snippets.
• Improved Word and PDF comparison. Newly patented Advanced Table comparison technology gives users precise change tracking in Word and PDF tables.
• Colour-coded highlighting for direct and indirect changes. Different colours are used to help distinguish between the two types of changes: Direct Changes and Indirect Changes. Direct Changes are where a user has changed a cell (e.g. updated the cell’s formula). Indirect Changes are where Excel has changed a cell (e.g. a formula was updated automatically after a row was inserted). A legend, accessible from the ribbon, explains the colour differentiations.
• The fastest metadata removal solution on the market. Ensures users are not inadvertently leaking information outside their firm, while also ensuring users can keep working at speed.
• Available in the cloud. Workshare Professional 10 is also integrated into Workshare’s cloud solution, ensuring that files can be shared with other parties in a secure, reliable and controlled manner.
• An improved ‘quiet’ licensing system eliminates interruption for users and eases deployment for admins. There’s no need to uninstall previous versions of Workshare Professional; a complete install runs on top of current deployments.

‘We have added the ability to compare Microsoft Excel workbooks with our innovative new application containing several unique features that differentiate us from what is on the market today. Being able to understand the differences between changes a user made manually versus those that happen automatically allows users to clearly understand what has changed, even if their source files contain lots of colours, easing the workload and making them more efficient,’ Barrie Hadfield, CTO of Workshare, commented.

As well as benefitting users, performance improvements significantly reduce memory consumption on the desktop so Workshare consumes less resource and loads much faster. This is especially important for metadata cleaning, which runs as an Outlook plug-in. Loading times are faster and there are fewer opportunities for conflicts.

Hadfield added: ‘Workshare has prioritised performance and accuracy improvements following intensive customer research. We’re innovating on our core document comparison and metadata cleaning solutions with a laser focus on solving our customers’ problems, while supporting their need for speed and accuracy.’

Workshare Professional 10 is available for purchase or upgrade immediately. For more information please get in touch with

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