It’s all about the one-stop-shop desktop: LegalRM integrates with NetDocuments

LegalRM’s new records management solution iCompli now integrates with NetDocuments to allow users to see their records without having to leave the document management system, through the NetDocuments tab workspace view introduced in version 18.3.
Speaking to Legal IT Insider last week founder and CEO Chris Giles said: “We’ve tied up with NetDocuments and integrated in the NetDocuments interface on three levels. One is where is people use their records, they can see them within NetDocuments and don’t have to go outside – it’s all in the NetDocuments interface. That’s unique.
“The second level of integration is that NetDocuments are embedded in our software so if you’re a records person looking at physical records you can see them in our application – both physical and electronic.
“The third level is that a policy engine applies the retention and destruction polices whether for matter content or things more GDPR specific, with multitude of triggers and you can apply those policies globally.” Documents must be destroyed after an appropriate duration under GDPR and in cases such as child abuse prosecutions, by law files must be destroyed seven years after the child’s 18th birthday.
Giles said: “While complying with GDPR is a significant focus for law firms today, so is information security. Together they have brought to the forefront ISO standards, such as 27001, and clear desk policies. iCompli and NetDocuments, along with our services, will help support those professional firms that take these issues seriously.”
iCompli was launched last year and already counts a number of UK top 100 and global firms as clients: we are not yet able to publish the names.