Carpe Diem gets smarter with launch of Intelligent Time

Tikit today (23 January) unveils Intelligent Time as part of its flagship Carpe Diem timekeeping application. It uses natural language processing to turn free form text into validated time entries. Here is the announcement:

Tikit, part of the BT Group and leading provider of technology solutions for law and professional services firms, today unveiled Intelligent Time as part of its flagship Carpe Diem timekeeping application. Intelligent Time has already been nominated as a finalist for the inaugural Legaltech Product Innovation Competition, taking place January 31 during Legalweek New York at the Hilton New York.

Carpe Diem has been a market leading timekeeping application for the better part of 20 years and since the launch of Carpe Diem’s ‘next generation’ application back in 2015, the pace of innovation and adoption has accelerated at record pace. The needs of law firm users have changed, and the service demands of law firm clients have increased performance pressures. The Carpe Diem development roadmap has reflected this and focused on usability, compliance, forecasting and automation.

The latest enhancement to Carpe Diem, Intelligent Time, interprets free form text and / or dictated notes and converts it (using Natural Language Processing), into structured and fully validated time entries. It turns unstructured data into structured data by converting attorney’s thoughts into fully formed time records.

“Our latest foray into timekeeping intelligence is a natural progression of what modern time recording platforms offer,” stated Peter Zver, President, Tikit North America. “With all the hype around AI in the legal space, we have been incorporating intelligence into Carpe Diem for several years. What we have now is a true conversation between the application and the user. While Carpe Diem is getting smarter and more personal by better understanding user workflows, actions and timekeeping behavior, users are becoming savvier and more proactive when it comes to using the tools and applications they have at their disposal. The ‘consumerization of IT’ trend from several years ago has now established a culture of law firm users expecting to use business applications just like the apps and technology they rely on at home. That’s where Carpe Diem’s timekeeping intelligence push comes in”.

Intelligent timekeeping, is the latest in a long list of recent improvements in Carpe Diem that include:

• WCAG compliance: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance ensures that the Carpe Diem application is accessible by everyone, irrespective of disabilities and age within law firms and their user bases globally.

• Billing transparency and compliance: Carpe Diem has improved compliance with the introduction of “awareness” and “third party validation (TPV)” features. “Awareness” provides guidance on compliance rules to timekeepers at the moment of input. “Third Party validation” is a mechanism that can attach any validation rule to the Carpe Diem “save” or “submit” process. Carpe Diem third party validation also facilitates the seamless integration with Thompson Reuter’s eBillingHub providing validation at the moment of time entry.

• Forecasting and resource management: Carpe Diem has also been enhanced to help firms capture resource availability levels   to effectively manage workloads and resources via a ‘forecasting dashboard’

• Automation: Carpe Diem can automate many of the steps in the time and billing process and users are seeing that small inroads in enhancing efficiency and increasing productivity accumulate into significant impacts.

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