Trustify launches secure email service SMAIL

Scottish-headquartered managed security service provider Trustify, which counts Vodafone, Burger King and the Ministry of Justice among its clients,  has launched a secure email service called SMAIL, promising ‘one click’ encryption that works on both mobile and desktop.
Steve Boland, COO of Trustify says: “Every day, around 250 billion emails are sent worldwide. The vast majority of those are not secure and present a potential way in to your organisation for cybercriminals.
“At Trustify, we think it’s time for your email to match up to the security of your other digital assets. Too many organisations are leaving the front door open and allowing themselves to be attacked. That’s why we’ve created SMAIL – a service that makes your existing email secure, trackable, and free from malware and phishers.
“Lots of focus has gone into knowing that emails are secure when they are received over the years, but SMAIL also assures anyone who receives your email knows that it can be trusted. For most industries, putting trust back at the heart of their electronic communications is a very attractive proposition. From legal to defence, media to financial services, we’re going to see huge adoption as businesses recognise that the recipients need to have confidence that what they are receiving is not going to affect their systems.”
Email data breaches were the main cause of critical data loss in financial, legal and professional firms in the UK in 2017, according to the ICO, so it’s not surprising that some of the recent innovations from Workshare and DocsCorp have been around data loss prevention and that email security vendor Tessian (formerly Checkrecipient) last year raised $13m in funding.
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