Legaltech19 Newswire… Eversheds Sutherland (US) deploys HighQ’s collaboration software to provide attorneys, clients with industry-leading tech tools

LONDON (29 January 2019) — HighQ is pleased to announce that Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP has adopted the HighQ platform to enhance the way they deliver legal services to clients around the globe. Eversheds Sutherland is equipping attorneys, staff and clients with the HighQ platform to improve collaboration, productivity and communication firmwide.

Eversheds Sutherland was recognised by BTI Consulting Group as one of the top 20 law firms in the United States for technology in its 2019 Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook report.

“We want to be the legal practice that comes to mind when clients think about leveraging technology to the fullest extent,” said Jeff Kirksey, director of legal technology for Eversheds Sutherland (US). “As we build a technology roadmap that aligns with our clients’ needs, HighQ stood out as a highly recommended industry leader with exceptional expertise in security and support.”

In building its technology roadmap, Eversheds Sutherland evaluated a number of platforms but landed on the HighQ platform because it meets a variety of its objectives and represents a cost savings.

“There’s no reason to deploy multiple specialty products to handle a complex project when HighQ delivers the same high-level services in one platform,” Kirksey said. “We can take full advantage of HighQ’s capabilities to produce a cost-effective method to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the business and our clients in terms of collaboration, data visualisation, document automation and more.”

Eversheds Sutherland’s partnership with HighQ is part of the organisation’s broader commitment to provide quality, innovative and consistent legal services around the globe from its 68 offices in 34 countries.

“We are proud to partner with Eversheds Sutherland for numerous reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they are recognised as one of the world’s leaders in innovating the way in which legal services are delivered in today’s technology-driven business environment,” Don Fuchs, vice president of legal sales North America at HighQ said. “We continue to be impressed by their creativity and commitment to integrating new technologies that not only meet but set the standard in our industry.”

About Eversheds Sutherland
As a global top 15 law practice, Eversheds Sutherland provides legal services to a global client base ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest multinationals, acting for 72 of the Fortune 100, 61 of the FTSE 100 and 120 of the Fortune 200.

With more than 2,800 lawyers, Eversheds Sutherland operates in 68 offices in 34 jurisdictions across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. In addition, a network of more than 200 related law firms, including formalised alliances in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa, provide support around the globe.

Eversheds Sutherland provides the full range of legal services, including corporate and M&A; dispute resolution and litigation; energy and infrastructure; finance; human capital and labor law; intellectual property; real estate and construction; and tax.

Eversheds Sutherland comprises two separate legal entities: Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP (headquartered in the UK) and Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP (headquartered in the US), and their respective controlled, managed, affiliated and member firms. The use of the name Eversheds Sutherland is for description purposes only and does not imply that the member firms or their controlled, managed or affiliated entities are in a partnership or are part of a global LLP. For more information, visit

About HighQ
HighQ empowers leading law firms and corporate legal teams to transform the way they work and deliver legal services. We unite internal and external teams with social collaboration, secure file sharing, project management, powerful integrations and more, improving data security, efficiency and productivity. Our platform is flexible and user-friendly; by continually offering innovative solutions for all areas of law, we keep our clients ahead in the evolving legal market. For more information, visit