Dentons signs three-year global deal with iManage

Dentons has signed a three-year deal that extends its relationship with iManage, with plans to adopt iManage Work 10 in all locations globally, with the option to deploy in the cloud or on premise.
As we first revealed in September 2016, Dentons had planned to conduct a side-by-side proof of concept effectively pitting NetDocuments against iManage Work 10 in its then greenfield site in China.  However, the PoC never really got off the ground thanks to the fact that many of Dentons’ acquisition firms use iManage so that in many jurisdictions a hybrid solution is required.
Dentons global CIO Marcel Henri told us: “The fact is that we have continued to grow and have found that our new partners typically use iManage and operate in jurisdictions where what’s needed is a hybrid solution – in those regions with on premises solutions that is often still preferred so we would need a hybrid solution.”
He adds: “We’re committed to iManage and will continue to evaluate that space over the next few years.  We are going to aggressively align our document management system worldwide so that there is commonality across EMEA, Australia, Singapore, China, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and South East Asia.”
In a statement to be issued by iManage shortly, Henri says: “Having assessed market offerings and Dentons’ complex deployment requirements, we have chosen iManage Work as our standard Document Management System, with the option to deploy in the cloud or on premise as needed.”
Dentons will soon embark on a global adoption programme of iManage Work 10, the latest version of iManage’s document and email management system.