DAC adopts Tessian to support new cyber strategy

DAC Beachcroft LLP has adopted Tessian’s machine learned-based email security platform to support the firm’s new cyber security strategy. Deployed across its offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, the platform helps prevent the firm’s 2,500 employees from sending misaddressed emails that could potentially lead to loss of confidential client data and detects highly sensitive information leaking out of the business via emails sent to unauthorized or personal accounts.
“Our colleagues deal with highly sensitive client data on a daily basis and we wanted to be able to support the teams to work with that information confidently without the fear of a data breach,” said Andrew Keith (pictured), COO, DAC Beachcroft. “Having the Tessian platform in place has given us confidence that the risk of a data breach at DAC Beachcroft has significantly reduced. Within just four weeks, we saw how Tessian mitigates the risk of potential data breaches, and the benefits have been almost immediately recognised by all at the firm.”
David Aird, IT Director DAC Beachcroft, added: “Our lawyers are busy with client work, and the simplicity of the platform has meant we don’t have to worry about simple human errors such as entering the wrong email address.  The Tessian platform stood out from other solutions on the market because its machine learning approach meant we could automatically protect the firm from misaddressed emails, unauthorised emails and non-compliance on the network without any end-user behaviour change, something we believe is essential for our busy colleagues.”
Tessian uses machine intelligence to understand normal email communication patterns in order to identify email security threats, without the need for any change in email sending patterns or pre-defined rules and policies. It has had some major wins in the legal sector and counts among its clients Travers Smith, Clyde & Co, Fieldfisher, Harbottle & Lewis and leading Ireland firm William Fry. Last year it raised $13m in capital led by Balderton Partners and has subsequently opened a New York office led by Ben Freeman, where we hear that business is booming.
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