Accounting tech: KPMG Australia releases Business Visitor Assist app in first time instruction for Neota

Following its first instruction from accounting giant KPMG, Neota Logic will announce today (21 February) that KPMG Australia has used the Neota Logic AI automation platform to build their Business Visitor Assist Application.
KPMG Business Visitor Assist is a web application built on the Neota platform, designed to assess and manage the obligations created by business visitors to Australia. Employees can record travel plans and receive instant pre-travel instructions regarding their visas and tax obligations.
The application has been designed to reduce the burden on in-house resources in the management of tax and immigration details for employees, in line with regular legislative change, while ensuring minimum interruption to the traveler or business.
Tony O’Reilly, director of technology and innovation at KPMG Australia said: ‘Having visibility of employee travel has become a business-imperative to reduce risks and costs. An employers’ duty of care to their staff extends well beyond an employee’s physical safety. Overlooking these matters can have a detrimental effect. That’s why we designed this application to address these risks before the traveller even gets on the plane.”
More information on the KPMG Business Visitor Assist application can be found here.