Legal IT Webinar: End-to-End Data Protection and Policy Control – 5 March

Despite network security, data will escape. Learn about what you can do today to protect the data itself and what the future will offer.
This ILTA educational webinar outlines the need for data security beyond network security, such as perimeter protection and trusted networks. Data will inevitably escape, and the data itself must be protected. The webinar introduces a new approach, uniform data protection, which focuses on data sanctuaries, containerization of trusted data, data classification, and secure transfer of data.
The webinar will cover:
-Network security vs. data security
-Data sanctuaries (e.g., DMS), data containers (clients and apps) and data classifiers
-Steps to get started with uniform data protection
-An implementation toward uniform data protection for exchange
Speaker: Seth Hallem, CEO, Co-founder, Chief Architect at Mobile Helix
This webinar is free for ILTA members.
Registration link:
Questions – Please write to maureen at mobilehelix dot com