Legal tech win: Bech-Bruun selects DocsCorp contentCrawler to strengthen GDPR compliance strategy

Bech-Bruun, one of Denmark’s “Big Four” firms, has made DocsCorp contentCrawler, an OCR processing solution, a key component of its GDPR compliance strategy. contentCrawler integrates with the firm’s iManage document management system to ensure all image-based files are visible to search technology.
Stefan Winquist, CIO at Bech-Bruun, saw a need for contentCrawler at the firm because image-based attachments in emails were not being processed by OCR software. Bech-Bruun was automatically OCR’ing documents scanned internally, but this workflow was not capturing documents sent from external sources. “To comply with the GDPR, we needed to ensure that email attachments like scanned copies of identity documents and other image files could be searched for and deleted when necessary.”
“Bech-Bruun joins other large European firms – including Seddons and Delphi – using contentCrawler to properly structure data as the foundation for internal systems and any future investments in AI,” said Samantha Jefferies, DocsCorp VP of Sales EMEA. “These firms want to feel confident they know what is stored in their content repositories and that it can be searched for and found. contentCrawler gives European firms the peace of mind that comes with knowing 100% of documents are searchable – right down to a keyword or matter number.”