LOD selects Eigen Technologies

In a highly significant win for Eigen Technologies, LOD (Lawyers On Demand) is to deploy the London-founded company’s natural language processing (NLP) technology to automate the analysis of its clients’ legal documents as part of a new LOD client offering called Designed Solutions.
A statement out today (4 March) will say: “Eigen’s intuitive user interface will put powerful machine learning into the hands of LOD’s lawyers, enabling them to extract and analyze data from multiple contract types. Accordingly, LOD is looking to deploy Eigen’s technology across its client base.”
As we identified in an interview with founder Lewis Liu in August 2018, Eigen represents a maturing of extraction and classification software in that it is not being pitched as eg a due diligence tool but can be used across multiple contract types from front to back office.
Nigel Rea, Service Development Director at LOD, said: “Our Designed Solutions offering is all about solving client problems. To do this we are able to combine great tech, a rigorous focus on process and amazing teams. Moreover, in Eigen we’ve found a partner that encourages experimentation around client needs, and we look forward to bringing a perfect blend of legal teams, process gurus, and machine learning to our clients.”