Bellwether Brexit Report: Small firms are “confident” but still not investing in tech

Sick of Brexit? So are we. But here is a Bellwether Report from LexisNexis that shows small law firms are feeling pretty optimistic about life, with 91% surveyed confident of the future and that their businesses are either stable or growing compared with a few years ago.
Independent law firms are still using more bodies to cope with the peaks and only 38% said they are making increased investment in processes/technology. Tellingly, when asked what changes they are making to prepare for Brexit, 30% said: “Convincing established lawyers/key decision makers of the need to modernise.”
LexisNexis highlights a lack of preparatory activity despite the fact that 47% of firms surveyed consider Brexit to be a threat and asks: “Is a lack of contingency plan the best way to protect themselves and their future?” Given the state of political chaos one has some sympathies.
You can download the report here: The Luxury of Uncertainty