Expert Systems: Littler’s CKO talks adoption

“I don’t want lawyers to code any more than I want coders to run litigation,” – Littler Mendelson’s chief knowledge officer Scott Rechtschaffen discusses at SOLID San Francisco why he likes no code expert systems and gives an example of a risk assessment tool built by the firm as well as how he has expanded the number of lawyers building applications to help clients.
Littler has formed a separate company – Compliance HR – to sell the applications.
A great plug for Neota Logic, which is why you can access the video through Neota’s website.

SOLID West: How do you pick the right technology? – Neota Logic
Neota Logic attended SOLID last month in San Franciso. The event was focused on legal innovation and disruption and it was great to see so many lawyers striving to transform. Here are some key points we took from the event: Data is the future The event taught us there was a huge demand to automate highly repetitive tasks.