LexisOne redundancies at SAGlobal

Following our coverage of LexisOne’s sale to SAGlobal, we’ve received a comment on the Legal IT Insider website as follows:
“Extremely surprised that there is no further follow up article around the raft of redundancies announced at SAG for the unfortunate ones who came across from LexisOne.
“Guess the quote around the IP being safeguarded rings more true than the requirement for keeping the legal knowledge within SAGlobal “Software”, as the separate entity was called.”
We were previously unaware that there are redundancies at the Seattle-headquartered company but, it turns out, the reader above is quite right.
The LexisOne team includes around 60 members of staff from product development, to product architecture, to those working in implementation and client support. However, it is understood that not all staff were Tuped across to SAGlobal as part of the acquisition.
SAGlobal, which is a gold-certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 global partner, has around 200 people working in product development in India and SAGlobal’s CEO Stephen James said: “We have restructured some parts of the development and product management in line with our overall group strategy to leverage our product and development capabilities in India. We will no longer be doing the majority of core development in Leeds.”
Overall the strategy at SAGlobal is to increase the size of the team, particularly those working in a client facing role and James added: “The total headcount is set to increase not reduce. We have not put any of the delivery or support team at risk.”
More to follow.
This article first appeared in the March Orange Rag.