Legal IT Events News… Artificial Intelligence in Legal Services Summit – 4th June, London

City & Financial Global and the Law Society of England and Wales are delighted to announce their forthcoming Artificial Intelligence in Legal Services Summit, which will be held in central London on the 4th June 2019.
Keynote speakers include:
The Rt Hon David Gauke MP
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
President, The Law Society
Christina Blacklaws
House of Commons
Chair, Technology and the Law Commission
The Summit will be the official launch of the final report from the Technology and Law Commission investigation into the use of AI in the justice system, a collaborative programme which has drawn together the insights from industry, academia, political science, civil society, law enforcement and regulators. It will also look towards the wider impacts of AI on the legal system, including future skills, impacts on legal services, business models and the future role of businesses in society.
Key themes include:
Current state and future potential of Artificial Intelligence
Algorithms in the Justice System – current state of play, ethics and future outlook
Wider societal impacts of Al and its future
Future skills and job requirements for the professions with a focus on law, banking and accountancy
Future of legal practice and the firm in the future. Organisational and business model implications for firms
For full details and to register, please visit the event website at