The 2019 LawWithoutWalls winners in full!

Congratulations to all of the winners of LawWithoutWalls, which took place before the Easter break, bringing together an impressive array of leading lawyers, business professionals, students and venture capitalists from around the world.
LawWithoutWalls was launched in 2010 by University of Miami professor of law Michele DeStefano. Participating individuals are put into mixed teams, which over a period of 16 weeks come up with a well researched business plan to solve specific legal issues. At a composium in Miami, the teams pitch their idea to a panel of judges: Legal IT Insider editor Caroline Hill was privileged to be one.
You can see the teams’ business plans and the overall sponsors in full below. Make sure you’re signed up for the next Orange Rag for a full write up of the event.  Feel free to shout out in the comments below if you were involved with any of the teams or post your own photos.
The winners are:
SmartSyndi (pictured left) – OVERALL WINNER sponsored by HSBC
SmartSyndi is a software solution for managing syndicated loans. Powered by blockchain coupled with smart contracts for seamless automation, SmartSyndi provides users with an efficient, convenient and auditable system for managing their syndicated loan transactions.
ProPosal – BEST BUSINESS PLAN sponsored by iManage
ProPosal is an AI-driven solution that cuts the response time for request-for-proposals by automatically searching and suggesting best practise answers, using the firm’s most successful proposals as a data source. ProPosal will also identify internal areas of expertise.
Komorebi – BEST PITCH – LWOW X all virtual program sponsored by Jim Ferraro and The Ferraro Law Firm
Komorebi is a virtual reality training program for police officers that helps them to acknowledge and recognise the harmful effects of their implicit biases. In turn, this increases empathy towards victims and stimulates continuous learning
STU – BEST BRANDING sponsored by Accenture
STU is an app that provides consumers with consistent information on food freshness to combat food waste in the home. STU consists of a food tracker, a sniffer, recipes, guidance, and a community function to ensure users are equipped to change their food behaviours. #LWOW2019
Legal Genie – BEST COMMERCIAL Sponsored by Link Asset Services + Eversheds Sutherland)
Legal Genie is a smart, secure and cost-effective tool that detects email attachments, prompting in-house lawyers to upload them to a centralized, searchable platform. This enables retrieval and review of specific clauses and vital information across 100s of contracts.
VIDI – BEST IDEA sponsored by Accenture
VIDI is a blockchain-powered platform that allows foster parents, regional lead agencies and case managers to have immediate and easy access to the most current health information for children in Florida’s foster care system
VIDI – AUDIENCE CHOICE sponsored by Accenture (see above)