Raft of vendors qualify for Singapore’s $3.68m Tech-celerate for Law scheme

Litera Microsystems has been chosen as one of Singapore’s Tech-celerate for Law pre-approved vendors, with others including Contract Express and NetDocuments. Under the new $3.68m programme, Singapore law firms can receive funding support of up to 70 per cent of the first-year cost of adopting legal technology solutions.
The technology solutions on offer have all been evaluated and pre-approved by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority in consultation with the Singapore Ministry of Law, the Law Society of Singapore, and Enterprise Singapore.
The programme covers both baseline technology solutions for practice management, online legal research and document management, as well as advanced technology solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, that can strengthen capabilities in document assembly, document review, eDiscovery and client engagement. Each law firm can receive funding of up to $30,000 for baseline solutions and up to $100,000 for advanced solutions.
Litera has been selected for its document review software, specifically Contract Companion, DocXtools Companion and Clause Companion. Altum Law Corporation is a Singapore practice that is already a Litera client.  “Work has been made easier since we’ve adopted technology from Litera Microsystems,” said associate director Shawn Chan. “Contract Companion frees us up to do work of a higher value. For example, less time spent on drafting translates into additional time for us to do research on our client’s business and allows us to offer more tailored services.”
Other advanced solutions to have made the pre-approved list include Hotdocs-Lawcloud and Contract Express for their document assembly software; Relativity, CaseRoom and LegalComet eDiscovery Cloud for ediscovery software and TessaSays for automated client engagement.
Those selected for baseline solutions include CoreMatter; Clio and Tessaract.io for their practice management systems; Dropbox Business; TessaCloud and NetDocuments for document management and Intelllex, Westlaw Asia and Lexis Advance for online legal research.
Amy Carroll