“Businesses are transforming how they operate”: Thomson Reuters and EY enter strategic tax alliance

In what may well be a taste of further things to come, EY and Thomson Reuters have expanded on the relationship that recently saw EY acquire Pangea3 and today (21 May) announced a strategic alliance in the tax space as clients demand “integrated and agile technology.”
The alliance brings together Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE global tax technology with EY Tax Technology and Transformation (TTT) services to help multinational organisations implement seamless tax compliance operations. ONESOURCE is a portfolio of global tax and accounting technology for corporations, enabling streamlining of data and process automation across tax, accounting and finance functions.
A blog for EY announcing the alliance states: “With the rapid rise in platform-based technology in the form of cloud and other secure access platforms, tax departments are beginning to solve problems, source business alternatives and interact with tax authorities in an entirely different way.”
Brian Peccarelli, chief operating officer, customer markets, Thomson Reuters, says: “Businesses are responding to technological, social and professional disruption by transforming how they operate and are structured. They now want those they work with to provide transparent, integrated and agile technology with the services that are tailored to meet their needs, not just a one-kind-fits-all offering. This alliance with EY enables us to provide our clients with the very best technology and advisory services for tax, accounting and legal departments.”
Peccarelli used to head tax but in addition to the COO role is now head of legal professionals, including law firms; government; academics and the Bar.