Legal IT Newswire: Veritext Legal Solutions Expands Court Reporting Student Scholarship Program

Veritext Legal Solutions, the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions, announces the expansion of its court reporter student scholarship program to several additional markets and court reporting schools throughout the United States and Canada. The scholarships are awarded to either new or returning students seeking to learn stenography theory and to advance through training programs designed to help them increase speed and achieve completion.
Veritext has partnered with local schools in the states of Minnesota and Washington and in Canada to fund scholarships and awards as well as other support for their court reporting programs. The company is now expanding this support to programs in additional markets including Florida and California as part of its ongoing efforts to help address the court reporter shortage and to continue advancing the stenography profession.
In addition to funding student scholarships and other grants, certified court reporters from Veritext teach regular classes and guest lecture on a variety of topics at schools including Anoka Technical College in Minnesota and Green River College in Washington. The company also sponsors a court reporting training program that is hosted at its Baltimore, Maryland office through the Maryland Community College System, which is also offered remotely to students in several additional markets.
“We’re excited to be partnering with Cypress College in Southern California as part of our expanded outreach and support of schools to provide scholarship opportunities to new incoming students in their court reporting program,” says Rosalie Kramm of Veritext, who serves as a member of the school’s advisory council. “As the court reporter shortage continues to be a concern in many areas of the country, Veritext is doing its part to help more students advance in their training and to help schools grow their programs as they educate the next generation of stenographers.”
Schools interested in partnering with Veritext to provide new grants or scholarships can contact Students interested in applying can find a list of available Veritext scholarships at