WEBINAR – Legal IT Security: Keeping Reputation, Data and Money Secure

Security continues to hold a spot in the top ten priorities and concerns of solicitors and law firms, as outlined in the annual ‘Risk Outlook’ report published by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The report indicates a staggering £10.7 million was lost to cyber-crime and that 512 breaches of confidentiality were reported in 2017.
Whilst this is not a new risk, firms cannot afford to be complacent. As working patterns and technology continue to evolve, keeping abreast of any new vulnerabilities is a must for professionals in the legal sector. Not addressing security gaps in time can result in data and financial losses, along with a tarnished industry profile.
Join experts from global IT provider Eze Castle Integration and the Solicitors Regulation Authority for a webinar on Wednesday, 5th June as they share guidance on keeping reputation, data and money secure. Key points of discussion to include:
• Common cyber-crimes and scams to look out for
• Tips to facilitate secure remote working
• Securing your infrastructure to protect money and data
• The importance of reporting cyber incidents
• Matthew Donahue, Business Continuity & Data Privacy Consultant, Eze Castle Integration
• David Bish, Behavioural Insights Analyst, Solicitors Regulation Authority
• Dean Hill, Executive Director, Eze Castle Integration
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