Is no news good news?

On 8 May we announced that Allen & Overy has signed an agreement for the use of Eigen Technologies’ natural language processing tech.  A&O is the second magic circle firm to have confirmed its adoption of Eigen’s NLP product after Linklaters became its first client in 2015.
However, the release jumped out for saying absolutely nothing about what A&O is doing with Eigen.
We know that law firms want to retain a competitive edge but this is taking it to the extreme.
What we do know is that Eigen and A&O have completed a pilot and are now exploring a range of ways in which the technology can be deployed.
Eigen also signed LOD (Lawyers On Demand) earlier this year, as part of a new LOD client offering called Designed Solutions.  The company is believed to be working with other law firms on a confidential basis.  Clients outside the legal space include Goldman Sachs, Hiscox and ING.