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Well well well, how is it the end of May, that’s what we want to know…

In this bumper issue of the Orange Rag we bring you all the latest news, analysis and commentary from all the leading players including:

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PLMJ hacked
In news that has yet to make it out of Iberia, Portugal’s largest law firm, PLMJ, this year became the latest firm to fall victim to a cyberattack after its network was compromised and information relating to the the Benfica football corruption investigation published Wikileaks-style on a football blog.

Intapp acquires OnePlace

Intapp on 23 May announced that it has acquired Salesforce-based contract lifecycle management rival OnePlace following the acquisition only last year of professional services CLM DealCloud. We bring you an exclusive interview with Intapp’s CEO John Hall and OnePlace founder and CEO Tim Smith about the acquisition, which we can reveal will see OnePlace retained as the brand for the legal sector, and DealCloud within financial services.

LTC4 in major overhaul
Legal tech competency company LTC4 has completely overhauled its business model, ditching its annual membership and introducing the ability to pay for learning plans as you go.

What private equity wants
One of the hightlights of this issue, we talk to five leading investors about what they look for in legaltech opportunities and the value they believe they can bring.

Legaltech in May
The start of a planned regular feature to help you stay on top of all the latest developments, we analyse the trends, news and events from the past month with extra commentary from leading players in the industry.

Dispatches from CLOC
In-house, there is less fear of AI-enabled technology (but not necessarily better access to it), says Dera Nevin. Dera went to CLOC and had the opportunity to informally speak with a number of attendees. In-house teams are buying, not just sitting on the sidelines, she says. They also don’t care if what they are buying has AI in it.

Mobile apps: a new age of “self-service” law?
Eversheds’ Andrew McManus shares the highs and lows of the firm’s mobile app journey. ‘I always say IT departments shouldn’t run these initiatives. It should come from the business. But we ignored all that and just got on with it,’ he says.

Von Briesen & Roper: Simple Innovation
von Briesen & Roper’s strapline is “We do things differently” and, according to CIO William Caraher, that statement also applies to their approach to technology – but it’s the simplest innovations that have been the most effective.

Aderant forms partner network

Aderant has begun building up an expert service partner network, appointing IT Finance Services and Andy Stokes Consulting as partners in the UK.

BUMPER WINS AND DEALS! The definitive guide to who is buying what from whom. If you’re not in this, where are you?

We also have a bumper Movers and Shakers in a sign that a lot of you are on the move.

eDiscovery people pay attention – this is the monthly eDiscovery highlight from industry veteran Jonathan Maas’ Bong. We save you the job of finding all the top eDiscovery stories from all the publications worth reading.

Is CRM finally the answer?

It’s the sector causing the most excitement this month, and in our parting thought we ask ‘is CRM tech finally the answer?’ Spoiler alert. Yes. And no.

Our next issue (No #324 – June) will be out on Wednesday 26 Junel 2019

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