Legal IT Newswire Deal News… K&L Gates finds advantage with Litera Desktop

K&L Gates, a global top 50 firm, is using Litera Desktop to simplify their lawyers’ document drafting workflow. Litera Desktop, a single toolbar customized to include everything a lawyer needs to draft quality documents, means they can spend significantly less time reviewing the work produced by their teams and be confident it is of the highest quality.
Melissa Speidel, Director of Business Transformation at K&L Gates, said, “We believe Litera Desktop will be the differentiator by giving us the competitive edge to increase efficiency and to better deliver on client needs. The move from five separate vendors with a wide array of tools to just one will not only reduce the time it takes to produce our documents in the first place, but also increase adoption of the existing toolset across all our offices. They can now live where all our people work, and changes are introduced to every machine across the globe simultaneously.”
Litera Desktop delivers efficiencies throughout the firm, giving K&L Gates lawyers more autonomy over their workday and the ability to focus more on their clients. This was identified as a key to the firm’s next phase of successful growth.
Avaneesh Marwaha, Litera Microsystems CEO said, “K&L Gates is one of several top global law firms that recognize the value of solutions which simplify the drafting workflow. By providing their lawyers access to everything they need to draft documents in one place, they’re able to create higher quality documents and spend more time delivering value to their clients.”
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