Intapp launches pricing tool

As we first revealed at the time it acquired legal CRM provider OnePlace, Intapp is to launch a pricing tool, called quite simply Intapp Pricing, to help law firms maximize their profitability with smart scoping, pricing and monitoring.
According to Intapp, firms will be able to use the tool to efficiently scope, price, resource, budget, and monitor engagements with increased flexibility and accuracy. Pricing will become another limb to Intapp’s client lifecycle solutions.
“Clients today are asking professional services firms — especially in the legal realm — to provide more value and clarity in their engagements,” said Jose Lazares, vice president, product strategy and product management at Intapp. “To meet this challenge, forward-looking firms are embracing a modern, technology-based approach that leverages artificial intelligence to mine and analyze their existing data to derive accurate pricing strategies. The result is greater value to clients, firm partners and lawyers.”
Wilson Allen will be one of Intapp’s first partners to work on the implementation and roll out of Intapp Pricing. “Firms are placing greater emphasis on ensuring that they scope and accept profitable engagements while continuously delivering a superb client experience on budget,” said Norm Mullock, vice president of strategy at Wilson Allen. “Further deepening our longstanding partnership with Intapp, we’re pleased to contribute our unique business intelligence skillset coupled with our analytics and billing process expertise to enable firms to successfully adopt and improve ROI with Intapp Pricing.”
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