Lexigogo upgrades mobile app to video record agreements

Belgian legal tech company Lexigogo BVBA today (20 June) announces the release of a major update of its mobile video contracting app Lexigogo, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Lexigogo is the world’s first mobile app that allows people and businesses to video-record simple agreements they make with each other in a legally binding way and without the need for written contracts.
The new update of Lexigogo offers an improved user experience, including simplified registration and contract creation flows, and comprises new features such as biometric signing and adding multiple videos in one video contract.
“With this latest update, Lexigogo continues to focus on enhancing the user experience, integrating the newest technology and creating the best mobile video contracting practice possible,” says Laurens Theunis, Founder & CEO of Lexigogo BVBA. “The user feedback we have received following our beta-launch last year was very positive and the release of this new update is another important milestone supporting our ambition to become the worldwide reference for mobile video contracting”.
If you’re interested in the legality of video contracts check out Lexigogo’s website here: https://www.lexigogo.com/legality
In terms of access to justice, this is a real leveller for those that can’t afford legal advice or are illiterate and can’t understand written contracts.