Phoenix appoints Mitratech’s EMEA MD Jason Heyman as global sales director

Phoenix Business Solutions, which in April was acquired by Morae Global Corporation, has appointed Mitratech’s EMEA managing director Jason Heyman as global sales director. Heyman will initially be responsible for sales activity and reporting across EMEA and APAC, with further plans to increase this reach to the US region in the coming months.
Heyman in effect takes on the role that Phoenix’ co-founder Mat Crocker filled before becoming CEO of Phoenix in 2018. While Lee Tomlinson has the title of Phoenix EMEA sales director, he focusses exclusively on winning new business.
Heyman brings a wealth of knowledge from both corporate legal and outside counsel. His experience in the legal sector began at Winscribe (formerly SRC) in 2000, where he championed the introduction of technology to increase productivity in the legal sector. Following this, Heyman was appointed as managing director, EMEA, of Mitratech, a leading provider of enterprise legal management solutions. He since spent four years accelerating the company’s presence in the EMEA market – growing from a team of one to around 90 – by developing new opportunities and partnerships in the region.
Heyman says: “My experience within both corporate legal and outside counsel means that I am in a good position to accelerate the growth of Phoenix in the coming months, especially as we begin aligning ourselves and our offering with Morae Global. I am also keen to introduce further collaboration and transparency, not just within the sales team, but across the whole business; I believe this will create the foundation for success as we become more strategic.”
Heyman, alongside Phoenix’s EMEA commercial director, Bart Vervoort, will also be leading the development of the organisation’s latest division to open in Maastricht, Netherlands, expanding Phoenix’s global footprint to seven cities.
Mathew Crocker, now president of the Phoenix Division of Morae Global, says: “We are thrilled to have Jason on board, and we’re really looking forward to the direction that his knowledge and experience will take us. With Phoenix Business Solutions now an autonomous division of Morae Global, we are uniquely situated to meet the growing need of law firms and law departments to collaborate through all phases of the information life cycle. Having Jason as our Global Sales Director will provide further strategic direction.”
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